My name is Brenda Blagdon.

I am a retired jr. high math teacher, a blogger, an acrylic painter, a cat lover. I live with depression. Welcome to Aergia’s Daughter.

 This is my third blog, my previous two being  Foster Cat Chats and Wonderful Words.

I have known depression for years. He(she, it?) is not a welcome companion.   I have come to realize that although he takes an occasional trip and leaves me alone at times, he is never far away  and is ready to return at his pleasure. Everyone experiences depression differently.  I would like to hear your story and how you perceive your own and others’ depression. Even if this condition has never touched you,  I  encourage your comments.

To me, depression does not equate with sadness. So I do not  want my posts to be too serious or gloomy. I want my readers to be enlightened, to learn and to be entertained. And I hope to get the same from your comments.

I could have used a journal to record my thoughts but I value the feedback from blogging.  The back and forth commenting provides new outlooks and a sense of community and connection.

Please share yours thoughts and ideas with me.

Happy Blogging.